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Hormone Replacement Therapy at Strax Medspa

Hormone Replacement Therapy at Strax Medspa

Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions and Answers

Strax Med Spa offers bioidentical hormone replacement therapy programs for both men and women at your local and soon-to-be favorite med spa in Lauderhill, FL! If you are interested in learning more please call us today or request an appointment online. We are located at 4300 N University Dr #A202, Lauderhill FL 33351. We serve clients from Lauderhill FL, Plantation FL, Sunrise FL, Tamarac FL, Davie FL and Margate, FL.

Hormone Replacement Therapy Questions and Answers

Ana J. Varela, ARNP, MSN

Certification in Bio-Identical Hormonal Replacement

Are you experiencing any of the following symptoms?


  • Hot Flashes
  • Night Sweats
  • Vaginal Dryness
  • Tearful
  • Cold Body Temperature
  • Depressed
  • Weight gain
  • Hair Loss


  • Decreased Libido
  • Foggy Thinking
  • Memory Lapse
  • Aches and Pains
  • Fatigue
  • Weight Gain
  • Decrease Muscle Mass
  • Hair loss

Did you know an imbalance of both the hormones and micronutrients can cause such symptoms and more? Your body’s hormones control most of your basic bodily functions. They serve as an internal communication system between cells throughout the body. They coordinate everything from digestion and growth to your appetite, immune function, mood, and libido. So, when your hormones are out of balance, even slightly, it can have a big impact on your health and well-being. The micronutrients help support your hormonal production. As we age there is a natural decline of both hormones and micro-nutrients. Bio-Identical hormone replacement and micro-nutrients are utilized to maintain optimal hormonal levels. They help alleviate the symptoms associated with the decline of the hormones. More importantly, hormone therapy helps men and women reduce the risks of many of the diseases associated with aging, including cancer, heart disease, osteoporosis, stroke and senility. As part of the journey to your Mind and Body renewal an individualized program will be developed for you.

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