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Juvederm Ultra XC Fillers at Strax Medspa

Juvederm Ultra XC Fillers at Strax Medspa

Juvederm Ultra XC Fillers 

Strax Medspa offers Juvederm Ultra XC Filler Injections near you! Want to give volume to your face? We are located at 4300 N University Dr #A202, Lauderhill FL 33351. For more information, call us or simply request an appointment online! We serve clients from Lauderhill FL, Plantation FL, Sunrise FL, Tamarac FL, Davie FL and Margate, FL.


Juvederm Ultra XC Fillers

Strax Medspa offers dermal filler products such as Juvederm Ultra XC Fillers. These fillers can reduce wrinkles and add volume and fullness back to your face. Get affordable and effective facial fillers at our medical spa.

How long do Juvederm fillers last?

As with any form of cosmetic filler, Juvederm treatments are temporary and re-injections are typically needed. Treatments typically last from between nine to twelve months, and smaller injections are used in repeat procedures for maintenance purposes.

Where can Juvederm be injected?

There are a variety of Juvederm products on the market, which are each designed to meet specific filler needs depending on which area of the face they are being used to treat and the volume required for treatment. Listed below are the different types of Juvederm on the market and the areas that they are designed to target:

  • Volbella XC is for the lips and around the lip area to add subtle volume and to smooth the lips and laugh lines;
  • Ultra XC, much like Volbella, is also designed for the lips and surrounding tissue, but is designed to provide more volume than Volbella;
  • Voluma XC is designed for the cheek area, giving it a subtle lift that contours the cheek area and increases the volume under the skin in order to fill in wrinkles and provide a subtly smooth appearance;
  • Juvederm XC is designed for use to help fill in facial folds or wrinkles, particularly those around the nose and mouth areas;
  • As with Juvederm XC, Vollure XC is also designed for filling in facial folds and wrinkles but may last longer than Juvederm XC.

The XC formulas of Juvederm contain lidocaine, a local anesthetic, which provides a more comfortable injection for the patient. The Ultra XC formula line contain higher cross-linked formulas that allow for better volumizing and the correction of deeper folds and wrinkles.

What is the difference between Botox and Juvederm?

Botox, which is derived from the botulinum toxin, is a neurotoxic protein produced by a specific species of bacterium (that being Clostridium botulinum and its related species). Botox works by preventing the release of acetylcholine, which is a neurotransmitter, and thus causes flaccid paralysis. Botox, in the form used for cosmetic procedures, is considered safe and is very effective at the reduction of facial lines and wrinkles.

Juvederm, in comparison to Botox, is a name given to a group of injectable hyaluronic acid dermal fillers and is used for both the cosmetic treatment of facial wrinkles and folds, but also for lip augmentation. It is a gel-like substance that can be injected beneath the skin to provide much the same effects, while also being used to add volume.

One of the key differences between Botox and Juvederm – aside from their chemical make-up and what they are derived from – is the length of time that the treatments last. Botox treatments typically last between three to six months, while Juvederm lasts for between nine to twelve months – thus, Juvederm typically lasts longer than Botox.

The common side-effects of Juvederm injections are also relatively mild, and typically do not last long and resolve in a week or less – unlike Botox, which can have serious side-effects if improperly injected. Common side effects include reactions at the site of injections, such as: redness; pain/tenderness; firmness; swelling; lumps/bumps; bruising; itching; discoloration; and a risk of infection. As with any medical procedure, please discuss any questions or concerns you may have regarding Juvederm with your doctor before booking a procedure.

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